Gesture Portrait Images

"Gesture Portraits II"

9 Lighting Scenarios You Should Master

with Jeffrey Watts

Available from Watts Atelier of the Arts, LLC

6.5 Hrs

Price: $95.00

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Gesture Portrait Images

"Gesture Portraits"

Exploring the Intuitive Side of Painting

with Jeffrey Watts

Available from Liliedahl Video Productions

5 Hrs

Price: $150.00

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"Hello Everyone,

We are proud to announce the imminent release of Jeffrey Watts' new DVD, Gesture Portraits: Exploring the Intuitive Side of Painting . This program explores the painter's natural inclinations as an artist to break out of their comfort zone and efficiently lay down 9 beautiful gesture portraits in less time than it typically takes to grind out one single painting .

As in his previous videos, Watts remains concentrated on sharing fundamentals that establish a detail-oriented work approach that provides the artist with all the information they need to push themselves and their skill level to new heights.

The focus of this program is on four fundamental portrait palettes that the painter can use to develop their skills from beginner to advanced painter. Four levels of palettes are introduced which provides a graduated progression from monochromatic to full-spectrum color for portrait fleshtones. Level One begins with a single color palette to move the painter from the drawing medium of charcoal into the medium of oil paint. It allows the painter to concentrate on shapes, values and edges, without the complications of color and temperature.

The Level Two Palette is one used by Anders Zorn, the late great Swedish painter who influenced a great number of his contemporaries by his limited, four-color palette. It is truly amazing to see how Watts can create paintings that appear to have hundreds of colors in them, yet have been painted with only four tubes of paint. As pointed out on the video, one could spend one's entire career using only this palette, and never fully explore its potential.

The Level Three Palette is one which incorporates only the primary colors, black and white. It includes a warm and cool version of each primary of red, yellow and blue, with no earthtones or convenience colors. This palette allows you to explore the full range of color mixtures available through mixing of these basic primaries. While you have a complete array of pigments available to you for infinite color mixtures, it is still a very limited palette and one that can be used for a lifetime without exhausting its possibilities.

The Level Four Palette is called the Uncontrolled Palette because it includes many convenience colors and favorites that each artist will eventually decide are additions that make one's palette unique to them. It is the most difficult to work with, but provides an exhaustive range of color harmonies and choices that many artists prefer. Jeffrey begins with the most difficult of the four palettes and progresses down through the levels to show how each can be used to enhance your color knowledge and provide building-blocks of understanding of how fleshtones are constructed for both light and shadow sides of the head.

Each portrait demo is limited to 30 minutes, and it seems impossible that such rich, detailed and exciting paintings could be created in such a short period of time, but these demos prove that there are certain basic essentials that can be learned and exercised by anyone who is determined enough to indulge in this training. In watching the video, I was so anxious to get to my own easel to try out the exercises that it surprised even me. The quickness with which the demos were done, and the repetitive success of each one gives the viewer the confidence that he/she can accomplish the same thing with time at the easel. You will be truly inspired to give this a try! Often, in viewing a video by a master painter, one may be intimidated by the expertise and facility that the artist is demonstrating. But, in this video, I found that I was encouraged to try something without feeling as if I might just as easily fail as succeed at it. The different palettes and suggestions given for mixing colors and temperatures practically assure success.

In each of the 9 gesture paintings featured within this DVD, Watts explores 9 unique expressions in portrait fashion. From brightly colorful to monochromatic, Jeffrey Watts covers an aesthetically comprehensive list of paintings that feature a variety of compositional elements that help to distinguish each painting from the next and provide your gesture paintings with real emotional depth.

Whether you are new to painting or trying to re-ignite your passion for portraits through the gesture painting process, this video will help you recapture your natural flow in a manner you may have never thought possible.

As you may know, Jeffrey Watts has an atelier where he teaches a comprehensive curriculum of study of the human form, portrait and figure painting. The gesture classes are taught for landscape and still life, as well as for the portrait. Classes range from anatomy to drawing and painting the form and figures at all the critical stages in the development of an artist.

This series of videos is intended to show how broad the range of study is to find the coveted path to understanding of the painting and creative process. This program is only one of four he has filmed to make the process and information available to those who do not have the opportunity to study first hand with him in his atelier. This is truly the next best thing to studying first hand with Jeffrey in his studio. And, as he says in the video, he is often unable to teach as this introductory level, as he is committing much of his instructional time to more advanced classes. So getting instruction at this level is more difficult to come by, as his career matures and naturally absorbs more of his productive time.

Order now, and take advantage of our pre-publication discount offer of $95 for Jeffrey Watts' new DVD, Gesture Portraits: Exploring the Intuitive Side of Painting . The final release price of the video will be $150, so don't miss this opportunity to acquire this important program at this limited-time discount. The length of the video is 5 hours. "

-Johnnie Liliedahl

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Drawing from the Model Images

"Drawing from the Model with Jeffrey Watts"

Available from Liliedahl Video Productions

3 Hrs 45 min

Price: $95.00

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"Jeffrey Watts is an artist who has been steadily building both a reputation as an outstanding painter and draftsman of this generation as well as a consummate teacher and instructor of fine art principles. In his Watts Atelier, he trains a new generation of painters in the drawing and painting procedures that have almost become a lost art.

Drawing is the foundation of all good representational art and one can never learn or practice it enough. The problem for most fledgling artists is where to go to find the type of instruction that provides the foundation for classical painting techniques. Jeff Watts is one of today's leading instructors in drawing the head, body and anatomical forms that every artist must master to become a master painter.

He has a generous verbal style of instruction that makes the learning of complex relationships simple to see and shows how to accomplish drawing skills that translate directly into painting skills. Unlike some who propose that you must learn to draw before you learn to paint, Jeff insists that both can be learned and enhance each other if learned simultaneously.

His mantra for grasping the essentials of a drawing quickly is "Look, Analyze, Execute."

He says, "What we want to do as a student is to acquire an intuitive sense for value and design through repetition of correct theories and information. How fast can you do that? It depends on the individual's ability to acquire this information, aptitude, and willingness to work hard at it. Work ethic I would take any day over talent. I would take heart and character over natural ability any day of the week. So if you're not one of those natural people, don't fret. You may pass up the naturals ten times over just out of work ethic."

In this video, Jeff gives you the underlying relationships of all heads that you can refer to when drawing from the model or from photographs to achieve a likeness, and demonstrates warm-up drawings in sets of four 5-minute exercises before tackling a long drawing of the same model. This is the exercise that he sets out in his classes in his Atelier for his drawing students and the process they go through every week of class. Now you can sit in on one of his classes, where he demonstrates on this video exactly as he would in each weekly class.

It's rare to find a teacher who is so articulate about exactly what he/she is doing on the camera, but Jeff is one of those individuals who has no trouble talking and drawing at the same time, which makes his a wonderful resource for learning a great deal in a very short period of time. If you are struggling with your efforts at drawing or painting likenesses, this video is surely one that should be in your library to help you over that hump.

Don't miss this opportunity to own this program at a fraction of its price upon release. Enjoy Drawing! "

-Johnnie Liliedahl

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In the Studio with Jeffrey Watts Images

"In the Studio with Jeffrey Watts"

"At the Opera" 7 Hour Painting Video from Life

Available from Liliedahl Video Productions

7 Hours

Price: $175.00

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"In 2007, we had the privilege of filming a series of videos with Jeffrey Watts in his studio in Southern California. This is the first of the programs, and it represents the great power and talent this young artist brings to the contemporary art scene. Watts is a painting hurricane, approaching the canvas with a bombastic energy that explodes into what seems at first to be chaotic brushwork. Not since the late, great Nicolai Fechin have we seen a paint surface like the ones Jeffrey creates. He is admittedly influenced by the late Fechin's work, and we believe he is the torch bearer for this generation of painters who wish to follow in the steps of that early 20th century master.

Jeff has carved a permanent place for himself in the California educational art scene by creating and operating an art school, Watts Atelier of the Arts, near San Diego, and now passes on his drawing and painting knowledge to a new generation of artists in an ongoing curriculum of classical drawing and painting semester classes. His own work is receiving national recognition as one of the most powerful portrait and figurative painters of this generation, winning awards from the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and being invited to participate in such exclusive events as the Prix de West competition.

As with all our programs in the "In the Studio With..." series, you are gifted with the rare opportunity to see a master artist at work on a major, gallery-bound piece and have the privilege of seeing virtually every brushstroke required to bring this painting from bare canvas to finished masterpiece. Watts is a verbal, energetic instructor who will talk you though every phase of the painting's development.

Being present at the filming, I was surprised when I watched the late stages of the painting and compared it to the live model Jeff was painting from. The painting actually looked more alive than the model, and that is no disrespect to the model. The painting actually had a living quality about it with the rich, vibrant colors, along with the full value range from white to black on the canvas. You will have to watch the video to see this for yourself, but I know you will agree with me that the painting has a power well beyond the model, and that power comes from the artist who created it.

If you strive to achieve an impressionist, expressionistic look to your own work, you can't find a better artist to demostrate how this is accomplished. As an artist myself, I have been on the lookout many years for a contemporary painter who had solved the mystery of Nicholai Fechin's technique, and I found that artist in Jeffrey Watts. His performance was a painting feast for the eyes, and you won't be disappointed by either the execution or the education that this video offers to the painter wanting to understand more about the legacy of those great painters who preceded us.

This video is a must for the library of the serious student of painting, and I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Johnnie Liliedahl, artist

Review by Johnnie Liliedahl, Resident Artist

Liliedahl Fine Art Studio and Video Productions

Copyright 2007 by Johnnie Liliedahl, All Rights Reserved

Gypsy Spirit Images

"Gypsy Spirit"

Available from Liliedahl Video Productions

4 Hours

Price: $125.00

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"Jeffrey Watts teaches traditional drawing and painting in his Atelier near San Diego, CA; however, he personally chooses to paint in a style reminiscent of the famous Russian artist, Nicolai Fechin. Watch while Jeff demonstrates his nationally recognized expertise in that style while doing this 3/4 head study in the style of a gestural portrait, while fully explaining his actions and thoughts during the process.

The focus of this new program, Gypsy Spirit, lies somewhere between that of his first video, At the Opera, which was a lengthy, full-length portrait, and that of his most recent release, Gesture Portraits. Although Jeff still calls this video a Gesture Portrait, it's finished to a much greater degree than the quicker portrait series done in his previous "Gesture Portrait" video. This gives him the opportunity to discuss the foundation of his approach to a greater extent while applying tiles of color in a thick, gestural, alla prima (wet into wet) method of painting, blending on the face just enough to give it a "painterly" appearance while, at the same time, maintaining the "loose" and abstract look for which he is so well known.

By his description, he uses an "uncontrolled palette" that he describes as an "opened range of colors that include warms and cools of all primaries with supplemental colors added for the purpose of painting speed." He applies these colors using a wide selection of brushes and palette knives, while looking, analyzing, and then taking the appropriate action to:

  1. get an accurate drawing,
  2. lay in abstract color,
  3. create and maintain spatial relationships of lights, darks and middle values,
  4. then to finesse the edges to make his "finished" statement.

Jeff spends extra time discussing the importance and order of developing edges, values and shapes first, then adding color to "bring the painting to life", all for the purpose of explaining the general concepts of making a painting look 3-dimensional on a 2-dimensional surface, as he feels that these important concepts are either seldom taught or poorly communicated.

His intention is for the painting to have a "loose," un-rendered look by using a variety of methods and tools, including palette knives. While the previous video, Gesture Portraits, demonstrated similar techniques on quite a few models, this video is limited to one model, thus giving him the extra time to bring the painting to a more "finished" state.

The length of the video is 4 hours."

-Ralph Liliedahl

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